Self-Love; the busy girl’s remix

Happy Valentines Day girl!

If there is one thing that female bloggers/vloggers/any other ‘ggers on the internet love on Valentines Day more than the cheesy excuse for fancy gifts, it’s telling single people that you don’t need a man to treat you, just treat yourself. However, we’ve tried the whole ‘buy yourself overpriced chocolate bars because society tells you to’ year after year after year. Don’t you think it’s time to try something new?

Today, I’m going to share a few of the things I like to do to treat my soul. Bleh, I know that sounded cheesy – but when you’re in the midst of your busy lifestyle it is easy to let yourself fall out of sync with the little things that make you happy.

So, this Valentines Day, don’t fool yourself into thinking that an extra chocolate bar is all you need. Here’s a few of the things that personally make me feel better than a Mars bar ever can.


1. Finding a really good blog.

I know that everyone has different tastes in what kind of blogs they like to read, mainly because different people find different things important.

Meet McKailyn!

A blog that I think that everyone can connect to is McKailyn Ives’ A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Survival (x)McKailyn lost her boyfriend Logan Boulet in the widely broadcasted Humboldt Broncos crash from last April. I actually wrote two pretty emotional posts on the crash (when tragedy strikes and the humboldt legacy) last year. I mourned when the rest of the world mourned, and donated money when the rest of my country donated, but when the world moved onto their next crisis I found myself still hung up on the Broncos. When I found McKailyn’s blog, I felt like I had found a new way to connect and support all of those who were still in so much pain from the Humboldt crash, even though Global News and CP24 have moved on.

The blog is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, and I think everyone needs to read it. Show McKailyn and the rest of the Bronco’s loved ones some love and support in a time where they can never have enough.


2. Getting to work early. 

In times when my head is spinning with my to-do lists and homework load, I find peace in the quietness. However, I get it – you are a busy girl and sitting in a quiet room alone for 5 minutes is a luxury that we don’t always have. A way that I like to squeeze a peaceful moment in while still not wasting time is getting to my commitments early. I volunteer on the weekends at a Retirement Home, and during the week I work at a pool. Whenever possible, I try to get to these places at least 5 minutes before I know everyone else will show up.

One of the least healthy aspects of being a busy girl is constantly being in that go go go mentality. It is exhausting to constantly be bouncing from one thing to another. While treating yourself to a few minutes of relaxation would ideally come at the spa, we’ll take what we can get, right?


3. The cliche-for-a-reason act of baking.

While baking is always fun, the art of creating something amazing from scratch is soothing and rewarding.


Instead of droning on and on about the magic of baking, I thought I would share a few of my favourite recipes. Each of them are tried and true, so I hope you give them a try.

  • You can never go wrong with the trusty ol’ Chocolate Chip Cookies – I actually have posted my favourite Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies here.
  • I always love a good Tea Biscuits, and I find it so peaceful working with dough. Check out my favourite recipe here.
  • Although they take forever, Pretzels are a great way to treat not only yourself but also others. There is a great recipe here.
  • These No-Bake Chocolate Cookies are a fan favourite in my household. They are just downright delicious.


So that concludes my mini V-Day blog post. I really hope that you find a moment, no matter how brief, in your busy day to show your awesome self a lil’ bit of loving. You deserve it.

Thanks for tuning in!

A la prochaine,


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